Patient Praise

Dr. Colonna & Staff; I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your kindess and understanding with my son. I love that all of my kids don’t associate pain with the dentist. I feel that for myself, after my crown being done, that I have gotten over the majority of my personal fear.
Thanks again,

My visit to the dentist was/IS great! My filling fell out and Dr. Colonna fixed it with the laser. No numbing or drilling, and I was out in about a half an hour. To my surprise, he did NOT try to sell me on a crown, very unusual as this was an old large filling but the laser treatment made it so that did not have to be my only option. When I was first walked into the treatment room, the Assistant said “Welcome, I”m so glad you are here.” It’s just gotten better every time I’ve been in. I just had a cleaning, the best one I’ve ever gotten, a marked difference in the whiteness of my teeth after the treatment. Ths office, all the staff and especially Dr. Colonna is a BIG WOW!!! If you don’t like being numbed, drilled and treated like a number this office is for you!!